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How WebMyMoney Works

  • We analyze your business, its current stage and its needs in order to grow or enter new markets

  • We use automation or implement new systems to eliminate repetitive and manual tasks. This way, you can focus on managing your business and improving your product or service

  • We establish a Marketing campaign targeting your ideal customer with a mix of an outstanding website, a blog, good social media presence, SEO and paid ads.

  • You will get more value out of your existing customers, and we will find you new ones!
We Will Create a Tailored Solution for Your Business

A Tailored Solution

Whether you are an Online business or have a physical location. Whether you provide a service or sell a physical product, we will give you a solution that fits your business.

Every business in every market is different and there isn’t one strategy that works for everyone. At WebMyMoney, we believe we need to become one with the business so we can provide the most value. We will analyze your entire business, systems, sales data, customer data, competitors and current market trends in your niche and provide you a tailored solution for your needs.

By working with us:

  • Your business will be more efficient

  • We will increase the reach of your content

  • We will capture new leads and nurture existing ones.

  • Those leads will turn into customers that will keep buying from you.
We Will Create a Tailored Solution for Your Business

What WebMyMoney Offers

Web Development

The main component of the online presence of a business is a good, fast, stable and smart website.

Is your website fast enough?

Is your website connected to your Customer data?

Is the information organized and displayed correctly to increase sales?

We help you start from scratch, and if you already have something, we make sure it is optimized

Analysis of Current Online Presence

What does your business need and where are you focusing your efforts?

We analyze everything you are doing online and makes sure you are spending your time & effort where you get the results your business needs.

Do you need a Google my Business?

If so, are you utilizing it correctly?

Should you have an active Linked in Page or focus on Facebook only?

Is Instagram or TikTok a good channel for your business?

Automate your Business

We automate your marketing efforts so you don't have to check 8 APPs to see what is going on.

  • Automatic e-mails to your customers

  • Send SMS campaigns based on customer behavior

    Automatic appointments in your calendar

  • Automatic Missed call-back texts

  • Segmentation of your leads and customers

  • Follow-up with leads and prospects so they become your customers and more!

Paid Facebook / Instagram

and Google Ads

We create a Marketing Campaign for your business that includes Facebook/Instagram and Google ads.

First, we test different messages and images/videos that highlight your product's benefits to determine which one resonates best with your audience

Second, we use the Data from the testing phase to scale and optimize advertising efforts.

Third, we scale the ads we know will work and keep testing others.

The Result = More leads and customers for your business.

How We Kick Things Off

We will go over the basic details of your Business



About You and

Your Company

Your Goals

How Can We

Help You

Rough Estimate

After the call, we will schedule a second call where we discuss the final details

Recent Posts

blog image

Digital Marketing in 2023: What You Need To Know To Succeed

January 26, 20236 min read

Digital marketing is an invaluable skill in today's competitive business environment. Whether you're just getting started or looking to hone your existing skills, read along so you can gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Understand Your Target Audience & Know What Success Looks Like.

Before you can tackle any digital marketing campaigns, it’s important that you understand your target audience deeply. If you haven't already, take some time to develop a buyer persona and map out what they’re looking for when they arrive at your website or social media page. Also, the key metric you want to focus on – whether it’s getting more followers, clicks, sales, etc. – should be clear so you can create and measure effective campaigns.

Once you know who your customer is and what their journey looks like, you can start to outline your goals and strategies. Identify which channels are most likely to reach each stage of the buying process, from awareness to evaluation. Having an understanding of where your audience spends time online will help you create campaigns that grab their attention and give them the information they need about your product or service. You should also account for additional tactics such as creating content and running ads on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). When done right, digital marketing allows you to measure success more accurately than traditional methods due to granular data collection — so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find one that works best for your company.

Focus On Creating Quality Content That Connects With Your Customers.

Quality content is key to success in digital marketing. Creating engaging and informative content that speaks to your target audience can help you build a relationship with them, while also encouraging them to take action (e.g. viewing your website, buying products/services). To maximize the effectiveness of your content, tailor it specifically to what your audience wants and needs. Additionally, focus on including visuals like images, videos and infographics which make your content more interesting and easier for customers to understand.

Make sure that your content is optimized for relevant search terms (using keywords) so that customers can easily find it. This will also help build trust with customers by showing them that your content is reliable and accurate. Furthermore, be sure to update your content regularly so that customers come back for more. By adding new information and visuals to keep the content fresh, you'll show customers that you're up-to-date on industry news which will in turn increase their trust in your brand.

When creating content with digital marketing, it’s not just about what you publish, but how. Strategically crafting messages that resonate with your target audience is key for success. Think about the emotions your customers have and what type of content would make them feel seen and heard, such as customer testimonials or instructional videos. Invoking emotion in your marketing strategy ties back to an audience’s brand loyalty and ultimately, their loyalty towards your business. Connecting with customers on a deeper level via quality content that speaks to their needs will set you apart from competitors and put a face to your company’s name.

Invest in SEO and Focus on Organic Traffic.

SEO is essential to online marketing and highly important when it comes to increasing your website’s visibility. If you focus on writing quality content, utilizing SEO-friendly keywords, and share posts through social media, then you can drive a steady stream of organic traffic to your site. To make sure your SEO efforts deliver the best results, keep an eye on competitor websites and monitor your rankings in Google Search Console.

To maximize your organic search traffic, focus on long-tail keywords. By targeting more specific keyword phrases, you can attract a highly targeted audience that is likely to convert into customers. Additionally, invest in link building and outreach. Investing in linkbuilding will help you get quality backlinks from external websites which can help boost your website’s rankings for target keyword phrases. Outreach, meanwhile, can help you reach out to partners and influencers who can offer something unique and original that related to your site or products. Doing this can facilitate content syndication which could potentially unlock a treasure trove of new visitors to your website.

Utilize Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, as it allows you to reach your target audience in a personal and powerful way. Leverage social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website and improve your brand’s visibility. Additionally, use social media to engage with your customers in meaningful conversations, the results of which will be higher conversion rates when they are ready to take action.

It is important to create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, and integrating social media into your plan will help you build relationships with customers and increase your reach. Allocate resources for regular updates based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as likes, follows, comments, impressions and engagement rate by analyzing the data within using tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck. Utilize paid campaigns through social media platforms to boost posts reach a larger audience. Focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content; stick to topics that are relevant and appeal to your desired audience. With the right strategy in place, you can see an increase in leads from your digital marketing campaign!

Develop a Promotional Plan That Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster.

In digital marketing, having a plan is essential. Identifying a goal will help you stay on track and measure your success. For example, if the goal is to increase website visitors, then create a plan that promotes visibility of your content through search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, or email campaigns. Consider setting up ad campaigns on social media or other platforms as well to further expand reach. Additionally, focus on optimizing landing pages and similar marketing material so that your website has an increased chance of appearing on relevant searches.

Finally, when it comes to digital marketing, consistency is key. So be sure to create a schedule of when you plan on running campaigns, creating content, and pushing out promotions. This will ensure that your reach grows over time by implementing tactics regularly and thoughtfully. It may even be beneficial to consider using an automation software in order to make these tasks easier and more efficient. By developing a promotional plan that aligns with your goals, you can take the guesswork out of digital marketing while also ensuring that your efforts have maximum impact!

When creating a digital marketing plan, it’s important to consider both the end goal and how to reach it. Take some time to analyze which channels might be best for reaching your target audience, as well as what type of content will catch their attention. Figuring out which platforms you want to focus on and what kinds of ads you’d like to run is step one in establishing a successful promotional campaign. Additionally, brainstorming possible topics for blog posts or videos that showcase your company’s unique expertise can also yield great results and help position you as an industry leader.

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